Relax & Glow Double Cleanse, enzyme polish to slough off dead skin cells and purify pores, nourishing mask to brighten dull skin, and a relaxing face, neck and upper-back massage.  Your mini-retreat!  $70. 50 min

Repair & Smooth Revolutionary non-chemical peel uses potent forms of vitamin A to gently smooth wrinkles, tighten pores, boost immunity and stimulate collagen production. Opt for this facial for younger, smoother and healthier looking skin!  $95. 50 min

Renew & Restore Restore function in the skin and balance energy levels in the body. This treatment will provide the message of whole body restoration that will continue and be felt for days after, which results in glowing, healthy skin and a feeling of well-being. Restores skin function and radiance to tired complexions, calms inflammation and speeds up repair and recovery time, increases circulation, boosts skin's suppleness and brightens skin tone, tones facial muscles, may reduce tension headaches and sinus congestion, relieves stress and fatigue, promotes restful sleep, boosts immune system!   $105. 60 min

Sugar Scrub Back Glow Gentle cleanse, exfoliating sugar scrub, and smoothing cream for instant healthy glowing skin on your back! Your choice of lavender, melon, or peony petals!  $65. 45 min

Add-On's to any Facial (adds 10-20 min) Extractions  $15.  Ultrasound  $45.  Foot scrub  $15.  


Your DAILY routine is what will make the biggest impact on your skin's appearance! Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care has organic ingredients, oncology friendly products, boosts the immune system and is deeply nourishing to the skin! Feed your skin daily for a truly smooth and youthful complexion! Call today for a free phone consultation! Use this link: http://www.osmosisskincare.com/Default.aspx?cn=17486 and discover a truly beautiful you!