Allow an extra 10-15 minutes prior to your facial for your skin analysis on your first visit or if there are any major changes to your skin since your last visit.  Every facial is customized to your individual skin concerns.

Rejuvenating Facial  Cleanse, enzyme polish, custom high-performance serums, nourishing mask, gentle extractions if needed, and a rejuvenating face, neck and upper-back massage.  Your mini-retreat and instant glow!  $75 mini  $95 luxe

Revitalizing Medi-Facial  Revolutionary non-chemical peel uses potent forms of vitamin A to gently resurface the skin, boost immunity and stimulate collagen production. This facial is designed to do in one shot what a professional grade home skin-care routine achieves over a 6-month period of time.  Fast forward your age-reversal!  $115

Sweet Sugar Polish Refresh with a cleanse, sugar polish, extractions if needed and smoothing cream for instant healthy glowing skin on your back!  $80

Treat for your hands, arms and feet Soothing massage that melts away stress! Opt for this refreshing and renewing treat!  $30 add-on  $45 stand-alone